What size are the cards?

The cards are all 148mx 148m. They are 300gsm textured gesso and the envelopes are brown recycled kraft envelopes.

What is Lino print?

Lino print is a method of printing that takes a lot of time and patience and it is a labour of love! The design is first drawn on paper and then transferred onto a block of lino using tracing paper. It is then carved using special tools and when ready, ink is rolled on top. The bits that were carved away are left white, the bits that were left, pick up the ink. I then place the card ontop and 'burn it' which means that I rub really hard to make sure that the ink attaches to the card. When I pull the card away, the ink will have transferred over. As a result of this method, no two cards are the same!

Why does the card I ordered look slightly different to the one shown on the website. 

As mentioned above in 'What is lino print' the process of lino printing is a complicated one that takes time and patience. Not every print is going to look the same due to differences in the amount of ink used, the amount of pressure applied, the temperature in the room etc. The finished texture and colour of each print will vary a little but that is what makes them so lovely. 

Can I order a custon design.

Yes of course you can. Please fill out the form in the 'Contact' section at the bottom of the webpage. 

Why was a charged €2 postage for one card?

When we pack your cards, we use specially designed cardboard wraps that protect your cards on transit. This makes them fall under the €2 postage price due to its size and weight.